Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tired But Happy

Todaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay !
What a tired day.. But I'm still happy with myself and surrounding me.
Why ? I doooo not know. But in deep inside I'm so happy even I am damn tired.
Last night I just had slept for only 4 hours. Usually my sleeping duration around 8-12 hours. Its so much kan ? Hahaha..

That's why my head is spinning around. But alhamdulillah till this time I still can do my work well.

This is my second day and my second week in TEMAN office.
Here is quite silent and soooooooo quiet and I feel so boooooooooooored !
Why ? Because at FAMA Negeri I have more people that love to talk, they are so friendly. So much ! There are so many things that we can share together.. And anything we can do with gather.

But here, surrounding here is so bored. There's a lot of staff that is not in office. IDK why..
But for sure, they likely tend to do their work by their own selves. They actually is quite friendly but the surrounding of this office become main factor that here is not happening as well.

Yeaaaa, here is a new office, new inventory, new facilities and all is new. The partition between table is sooooo 'cold'. Hahaha.. Yes ! Because the staff only can see another staff in front of them and if there are no another in front of them.. They're jut alone ! Hahaha.. What a funny office I could see.

It's true. It's so much different compare to FAMA Negeri because in every biro, we just like a family ! We're lives together, and not divided by any partition.

But, it's oke.. I'm oke with it because I can feel how them feel. So, I trying to learn how to handle it myself. It's good right ? ;)

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