Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Tatau na merapu ape...
Tp hati berdebar..
Na tunggu saat tu
Makin aku sedar aku ingin lari
Lari sejauh jauhnya

Argh... kalo aku mampu putar masa terbalik
Ingin aku ke 2007..
saat aku rasakan bahagia.

Tp skrg pon bahagia
Cume cume cume... argh
Susah na cakap..

Org kate pilihlah org yg cintakanmu
Dr kau menyintai dirinya..

Tp aku saket.... mungkin ini balasanku
Namun dia yg skrg selalu membahagiakanku..
Tp mengapa masih aku terasa kosong.



Yes, its March.
March always be my best month.
I've got a happier moment
Also my tragic..

And when talk about tragic,
It's only you gave me this.
You're the first and might be the last.

I do. Yes, its still hurt.
Tik tok.... time's running but it still fresh in my mind.
Even though it's almost sharp two years..

Ouh damn, almost two years a next few days.

How time flies so fast~

And when my time closer,
I do remind you. I do.
It never change but time was changing a lot.

I'm missing my 1217.
I cannot do anything. Just du'a.. for the best.

And please give me some feeling.
Feeling hopeless for 1217. Just please....