Friday, May 8, 2015

Malaysia Nowadays

The average rate of people's lives and Malaysia nowadays, a luxurious life eventhough no moneyed, but a high desire for "high taste" lifestyle allowed them to make money, unfortunately, they make money in wrong way.

This kinda circumstances allowed people desperately go to the bank or others agency to find solution for living with trendy and up-to-date.

What the do?
LOAN ! INSTALLMENT ! What else then?!

These kinda thing for what purpose? Usually before they are always there to make house loan or hire-purchase agreement. BUT now, it’s different. What people do in this current era in Malaysia? Nahh.. its disappointment things happen here. People nowadays goes there for a loan..yes. But personal loan posted surprisingly increment for these few years. WHY?!

Not to miss INSTALLMENT. Installment is usually been applied for vehicles and any necessity thing(s) or for compulsory stuffs. But now is different due to Malaysia lifestyle nowadays would like to buy things by installment such as smart phone, smart gadget or any trendy things to look up-to-date.

Well, these things will increasing debt rate and especially among teenagers. Its become a worrisome matter, but people is still not realize yet. SCARY !

Why did I issued this matter? Because I feel afraid for all these kinda situations. It is quite worrying but people still have no awareness in what their doing. In my course of working now, I do see a lot of things happened because of the debt. So guys, please beware !