Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Ya allah.. Hidup ni sakit. 
Mungkinjuga betul jiwa ini kosong.
Mahu saja aku isikan, tp kandungan disekelilingku sangat murah. Aku ta mampu menanggung. Namun yang ada pula terlalu mahal, yang terang-terangan aku ta mampu gapai.

Dan aku masih kosong.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Looking at you. I mean, we look at each other. I feel so.. Citt ! But too takot to admit that I am in that kinda situation again. Takot weyh ! Aduh, ta keruan rase tuh.. do not know how to describe. Why did you show your attention to me? You suppose to not disturb my feeling !

People said macam2 nonsense about you. Did I care? YES. Tipu kot if I’m saying I’m not. Why? Because I want to know how far it was. And, I’m telling… I do not know you. I do not want to know about you. And I really refuse to know anything all over about. Could you understand?

Tanak la, rase inferior when I’m walk with…even behind or in front of you. Please do not show me your attention anymore. You got another better outside. HADOI !

Hmm. He’s tall.. I think around 180-185cm. Tough. Giler strapping kot weyh.. Muka bersih giler. Hidung mancung, tirus… Mata hazel. Rambut mcm Beckham. Yg paling penting aku ta suke lelaki kulit putih. And he’s not gelap n ta cerah. Kalo tengok die, baju iron pon kalo kene kat line tuh boley berdarah.. so boley bayangkan la betapa baju tu tadek kedut.

Kalo search kt Google tu, blambak information pasal die. Pernah la jgk jadik model ilkan dekat TV.. hm, not that bad looor.. ta cam aku nih, model cleaner jeww.. oops. Eyh. Haha.

Tapi I’m just thinking.. this kinda guy ke that I’m looking for? Because the appearance ke? Or because he’s present himself good? Kalo tengok dr semua pompuan kt sini, memang ler diorang suke ngn ko. Tp ko kene tahu.. aku tanak get in serious relationship if there’s go no where. Tanak la buang mase kot.. and ta bangga pon kalo you stand next to me. Muke hensem ke, cantek ke..karang tua nnt same gak kedut. So na sampai bile kan?

Hati oh hati. Nasib baek ade akal. Dapat pk baek sikit.. BTW, pg smlm die tolong hold pintu sekali je. Terkena time aku kene buat sampai dua kali. D*RN it ! Malu sebab aku TEReksperitasikan muka aku. Asal la darah gemuruh aku ni ta dpt na cover sgt ! UHHH

Friday, May 8, 2015

Malaysia Nowadays

The average rate of people's lives and Malaysia nowadays, a luxurious life eventhough no moneyed, but a high desire for "high taste" lifestyle allowed them to make money, unfortunately, they make money in wrong way.

This kinda circumstances allowed people desperately go to the bank or others agency to find solution for living with trendy and up-to-date.

What the do?
LOAN ! INSTALLMENT ! What else then?!

These kinda thing for what purpose? Usually before they are always there to make house loan or hire-purchase agreement. BUT now, it’s different. What people do in this current era in Malaysia? Nahh.. its disappointment things happen here. People nowadays goes there for a loan..yes. But personal loan posted surprisingly increment for these few years. WHY?!

Not to miss INSTALLMENT. Installment is usually been applied for vehicles and any necessity thing(s) or for compulsory stuffs. But now is different due to Malaysia lifestyle nowadays would like to buy things by installment such as smart phone, smart gadget or any trendy things to look up-to-date.

Well, these things will increasing debt rate and especially among teenagers. Its become a worrisome matter, but people is still not realize yet. SCARY !

Why did I issued this matter? Because I feel afraid for all these kinda situations. It is quite worrying but people still have no awareness in what their doing. In my course of working now, I do see a lot of things happened because of the debt. So guys, please beware !