Monday, May 30, 2011

My Second Day In FAMA

Assalamualaikum Waramatullah..
Wahhh, terase berjurus plak biler da hari-hari ni pakai baju kurung je.. Haha.. Yela, kalau harap time kat campus.. Kalau bukan hari koperat, memang jangan harapla na pakai baju kurung ni.. Huhu..

Hari ni, pergi keje macam biase.. Agak nervous la sebab ni kan baru hari kedua. So, dengan staff pun ta bape ngam lagi orang cakap. But today i was introduced by Mr. Rizal for my leader in my unit, Mr. Ghazani. Well, he's came from UiTM too..! What a great conversation with him and he known about my lecturer so far especially, Assc. Prof. Mohd Nasir bin Muda. Wahhhh! Kalau la sir tahu, confirm bangga ni.. Sebab famous kan.. Paling tak tahan, Mr. Ghazani puji sir hensem.. Hahahaha.. Pergh, Cayalah !

Then, i got to know more 'bout my unit that i already taken. So far, I am quite interested with it, actually, I am always excited with everything new. Well, this only a time that I can take all the inputs for my future life. So, I don't have to waste it, just grab it..!

I also got introduce with kak Ani, the old worker in part of my unit. Oww, right now I have been placed under 'pasar tani', and specifically I more on to perladangan. This coming June 7th, I'll be follow under this unit activity pergi ke tempat people make agreement but not to ladang la kot. I was told by leader of my unit.

Then, I make friends with a few staff and siap gi makan gulai lagi beb..! Haha.. Suke.. Suke.. Suke.. Tapi rosak program aku nak diet.. Ceh ! Well, semakin hari terase semaki ser0n0k..! ;)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Paradise Kiss

What a awesome ! That only a sentence that I can give for this anime. I really fall in love with the way of the story, with the background of story and all the characteristics created. But the ending of this story is quite lame. I don't like it for sure ! And actually it is a sad ending story where as the main character are not belong together. The main character is George Koizumi as a handsome, egoist, stubborn, attractive, gentleman and romantic for sometimes. Different with Yukari Hayasama who is beautiful, childish, lit' clumsy, loves to cry for everything she feel wanna cry but on the climax of the story she become independent, stubborn and strong beautiful lady.

The story of these couple starts when they were met on the first time. George go to Yukari not for sending the ID student that Yukari left in the George's place named Atelier. But actually, George only want to see Yukari and the only reason why he go to Yukari, only know by he himself.

They have a great time together whether in up and down. Till Yukari have many offers to be a model from model agency and George want to futher his study in fashion design. He left Yukari and without he know, Issabelle the childhood friend's of George is followed him. Then aster the ten years, Yukari become a succesful famous model in Japan and she will getting married.

What i hate about this story is because the man who is Yukari wants to get married is not George but with other person. And the Yukari's wedding costumes is created by George. Huh ! This story make me feel bad and so bad. IKD why the writer of this story created this story so far. But What I got from this, love is not to be held but it is what to be share.Yukari said during the ending, 'it is might such a commedy, but once i remind this, i will cry'..

George Koizumi
He is handsome right..! How cannnn.. Ow, I Fall.. Hehe.. 

 This the model one of the photograph shooting.
Yukari & George 

My First Day For Industrial Training

Oke, what to say. Today is my first day and for me, this is the new world for me. The new world for me to go one more in my life stage. Well, i had choose FAMA for my place. So far, all the staff is quite good person, friendly and especially my supervisor a.k.a administer assistant in here, Mr Mohd Rizal Mazalan. He is very friendly and treat me as well as his worker, maybe a lit' bit or more kinder than others. IDK.. Haha..

My first day i here.
IDK what to do. Once i arrived here, they are so busy with the community service. IDK why they are too rajin till i had find out 'bout important person will be here around this week to look at this place and that's the reason.

Here on today, i was introduced by the one who is the same practical student like me, named Amalina. We were together till the program's over. Well, the first day is always be a boring day. I feel sleepy and veeery sleepy. hard to thing after this, all this will going busy and my schedule becoming tight..