Monday, May 30, 2011

My Second Day In FAMA

Assalamualaikum Waramatullah..
Wahhh, terase berjurus plak biler da hari-hari ni pakai baju kurung je.. Haha.. Yela, kalau harap time kat campus.. Kalau bukan hari koperat, memang jangan harapla na pakai baju kurung ni.. Huhu..

Hari ni, pergi keje macam biase.. Agak nervous la sebab ni kan baru hari kedua. So, dengan staff pun ta bape ngam lagi orang cakap. But today i was introduced by Mr. Rizal for my leader in my unit, Mr. Ghazani. Well, he's came from UiTM too..! What a great conversation with him and he known about my lecturer so far especially, Assc. Prof. Mohd Nasir bin Muda. Wahhhh! Kalau la sir tahu, confirm bangga ni.. Sebab famous kan.. Paling tak tahan, Mr. Ghazani puji sir hensem.. Hahahaha.. Pergh, Cayalah !

Then, i got to know more 'bout my unit that i already taken. So far, I am quite interested with it, actually, I am always excited with everything new. Well, this only a time that I can take all the inputs for my future life. So, I don't have to waste it, just grab it..!

I also got introduce with kak Ani, the old worker in part of my unit. Oww, right now I have been placed under 'pasar tani', and specifically I more on to perladangan. This coming June 7th, I'll be follow under this unit activity pergi ke tempat people make agreement but not to ladang la kot. I was told by leader of my unit.

Then, I make friends with a few staff and siap gi makan gulai lagi beb..! Haha.. Suke.. Suke.. Suke.. Tapi rosak program aku nak diet.. Ceh ! Well, semakin hari terase semaki ser0n0k..! ;)

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