Saturday, May 28, 2011

My First Day For Industrial Training

Oke, what to say. Today is my first day and for me, this is the new world for me. The new world for me to go one more in my life stage. Well, i had choose FAMA for my place. So far, all the staff is quite good person, friendly and especially my supervisor a.k.a administer assistant in here, Mr Mohd Rizal Mazalan. He is very friendly and treat me as well as his worker, maybe a lit' bit or more kinder than others. IDK.. Haha..

My first day i here.
IDK what to do. Once i arrived here, they are so busy with the community service. IDK why they are too rajin till i had find out 'bout important person will be here around this week to look at this place and that's the reason.

Here on today, i was introduced by the one who is the same practical student like me, named Amalina. We were together till the program's over. Well, the first day is always be a boring day. I feel sleepy and veeery sleepy. hard to thing after this, all this will going busy and my schedule becoming tight..

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