Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mak Aihhhhhh, Ngantuknye !

Sejak2 da tido lambat ni, memang taley nak kate betape penat and tak laratnye.. Mengantuk sesangat.. Lagipun bile memikirkan suasana pejabat yang agak memboringkan ini. Aduiiiiiiiiiiiih~

But its oke, I think I can make it well. This hard time only I could fully use for this time. Well, I have to be strong.. Ow, Yeah !

Semalam still tak wake up to sahur. Da bape hari tak sahur ni. Tatau la nape mengantuk tidornye, sampai jam berbunyi pon langsung tak sodar. Nampak sangat ler ponat nyo.. Haaha~

But Alhamdulillah. Business is going well.. And I think that I have to expand it more.. But how ? Of course its need more capital to roll on and where do I get that ? I think that I can get more, for sure. The only thing that we can hold in business world is 'high risk, high return'. That for sure. Hmmm~~

Business ts only thing that people have to do in order to get more more more better life. Salary is not enough to much for me. If I get RM3000 per month, I don't think that I can live with that easily. Well, hell yeah. Because I am a big spender and usually the thing that I spend for myself is quite high demand. I am lit' bit fussy at the sometime and in other fine time I could be a very considerate and good one.

Wellllllllllllll, as a girl that becoming a woman.. It's a normal thing when somtimes I had mood in ud and down. Biase la beb ! Tue yang for sometime I will surely quite difficult to choose something but sometime I didn't spend so much time to choose. Just look at it, and when I feel its good for me then I just grab it. Easy, huh ?

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