Friday, August 5, 2011

Thinkin Of~

Sometimes, I can't even stand quiet. But I know, there's nothing change will happen even I make it up.. So, keep patient shida. People is always make mistakes, but whay people cannot make any changes. I really mean to her !

Why ??

I know, all the way I looks like she just and is copying me ! What the heck ? Kalo kot nak tiru, don't make it so much till people can notice that !

Actually, I don't even know this till one of my friends told me that. Its funny and also make me proud of myself. Haha.. Actually, main issue here is.. If da tiru2 orang se hal da kan.. Kot ye pon, jangan la overstated yg you have your own style. You make surrounding people SICK oke..

Well, I'm so here if I'm using any harsh words or anyting.. But I want you to realize and so please, don't over shadow oke.. Geli la aku tengok.. Euw~

And one more thing, you're hypocrite. Oww, pooor you.. Suke sangat bercakap bohong.. Cakap pada saye laen, ang to others pon laen. Kenape ye ? And, you're still copying my attitude.. Why eyh ?I can't get it till today. Well, i don't even wanna care. Just a thing if you read this and for sure I know you're always updating of me and read my blog. And I want you to know, please don't pretend to be someone else. Because if you using others way, its mean yourself is so awful because you are the one who look it down. ;)

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