Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ow, You !!

Well, see ! Today I don't know how to specify whether it's funny or 'yucks'. Haha.. Well,  I go the my boss partition.. Then IDK why, there's smelly around that are sooo much. What is that thing ! 5#!+

Then, my boss told me. That something stuck in his computer CPU. But the PC can usually use daily laike before. Tapi in somtimes, its also hang. Ade ape eeeek ! Plek bebenor la.. Tak abeh lagi dengan the bau tu.. Huh~

Then, today. We called our IT technician to fix it. And die pon buat2 la.. Apo kono la komputer boh aku neh.. Godek punye godek... Lasssst and last jumpe la sekor makhluk tu.. Geger seluruh opis ! Hahaha.. And the thing is :

Owwww, nooooooo ! Patot la bau bukan maen . Camane die bley masuk dalam CPU PC tue pon tatau. Hahaha.. Yang bau kuat tue sebab die da aleady burned ! Hor la, doh lamo jamey tu gap dok dale tu.. Kesian ko wahai si cicak.. Huhuhu~

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