Monday, August 8, 2011

Fresh !

If yesterday I felt darn sleeeeeeeeepy, today is different ! Well, jet-lagged kot.. Hahaha.. Macam la transfer dari KB ke NY kaaan.. Ceh !

But, NVM. What is interesting today is about what will happen on this day. Well, today a Minister But of what I can't remember well. I guess lol. Because of 'short-term' memory ni.. So, I'm not so much about anything. Well, It's not Dato' Mustaph Mohammad. It's Dato' Noh Haji Omar.

I'm quite interested to see him face to face.. Its better than I saw the artists, GUESS ! Haha.. Because they're people that work for the country. Our government.

Today's my people day, why I choose this color is because I feel this color can give me some different spirit. That's why I have so much color for my clothes but some other clothes I do not wear yet because maybe of its look like perhaps not so much suite for my day or time or circumtances. Membazir je kaaan !

But anyway, I still need new clothes ! I think that I'm not go the shopping complex for a quite looooong time ! Rinduuuuuuuu sangat nak shopping. For sure, if people accompany to shopping they will surrender early because of the tiredness ! Hahaha

Yea, I'm quite lit' bit fussy in choosing some other things to myself. Why ? I do not know the reasons why but for sure I always want the best. Same goes to my way in order what I do, what I always do, what I am doing and what I have done. I'm not the perfectionist but I am always want the best. I'm trying and improving.. ;

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