Saturday, August 10, 2013

10082013 @ 1505

Right after a year 3 month. Seriously, who are us to against the fate?

I'm tremendously happy for that. But slightly feeling bad. Bad for all this while happend. Bad for everything and what's been happen.
Time's running fast, everything was change. Like dreaming. And I hope I still in a dream.
Because I hope, when I wake up
I'm not getting hurt with all these things. Hurting me a lot.

I keep my smile wider, to hide my deep pain in heart.
I keep bigger my eyes, to not letting my tears drop.
I keep my cheek up, to make people happy
Instead of myself misserable.

If if if.. my heart keep telling me about IF.
If you understand me.
Andai kau tahu !
Duh~ I know you will never ever ever know.

love is blind. And always be blind.

I just let it go, still my heart hold it tight~~

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